Hand Sanitizer for Kids


Hi! My name is Jason and I am the creator of SANI SLIME (formerly FLU GOO), the world’s first waterless antiseptic hand cleaner made especially for kids.

After seeing my nieces and nephews objecting to using the traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers, because they “don’t like it” and “it smells”, I have taken things into my own hands to make sure that the young people I love stay clean and healthy. After flexing my creative muscles, I came up with SANI SLIME (formerly FLU GOO) a fun, brightly coloured, slimy, great smelling waterless antiseptic hand cleaner. SANI SLIME (formerly FLU GOO) makes the process of cleaning hands fun for kids which makes life easier for parents! I am so passionate about SANI SLIME (formerly FLU GOO) that I pitched my new product on CBC’s popular Dragon’s Den show which has generated a lot of interest and introduced me to thousands of passionate parents and guardians like you.